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Welcome to

TourEditor is a website designed to edit and promote multi-media cultural itineraries and virtual tours through the web for Italian and foreign editors registered on our Portal.

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Early-bird editors will receive 100% of profits over a period of 1 year

If you send at least a complete tour by midnight of Jun 1, 2011, you will receive 100 % of all sales over a period of 1 year, up to Jun 1, 2012, and the same will apply to further tours being received from Jun 1, 2011 until Jun 1, 2012.

Payment will be made through PayPal.

Users' instructions:

For members
1. Enter your personal area using your email and password selected at registration
2. Select in the PayPal area the account that your tour users will have to use to make payments until Jun 1, 2012.
(Opening up a PayPal account is free of charge. For more information click on the PayPal site)

For non members

1. After registration, the PayPal account will have to be highlighted to allow users to make payment until Jun 1, 2012.
2. (Opening a PayPal account is free of charge. For more information click on the PayPal site).


The project is of a collaborative nature: it appears as a portal where anyone keen on and capable of writing can become an editor following free registration.


Editors are not expected to be knowledgeable in software programming.


Itineraries can be developed by way of user-friendly visual tools that are made available free of charge on our portal.


Edited itineraries will be offered for purchase on line in the e-commerce section of our homepage (currently in progress).


To become editor you only need to register using the form on the left hand side.


The instruments made available free of charge can be used to put together your virtual tour by:

  • outlining the tour
  • pinpointing “hot spots”
  • adding documents, photos and videos from each “hot spot”
  • automatically turning texts into audio files (with male and female voices) to provide mp3 audio editorial commentaries that can be played while “walking the tour” both in Italian and in other languages.


Editors are provided with a complete tutorial set consisting of some practical exercises to learn how to use the above mentioned instruments made available free of charge on our portal. The tutorial set can be found in the page immediately after the login.


The tours aims at making visitors participate in a virtual sightseeing among places of major interest using “Map” and “Street Views” from Google. Each tour is enriched with text documents, audio files and videos which are made available to visitors as part of the tour.


Itineraries are designed for those people that prior to visiting a place feel the need to acquire specific information to better prepare their trip. Or simply for those people who are interested in acquiring information about the hot spots of a country or of specific places on a virtual mode prior to starting their journey.


Tour themes are at the discretion of editors who are allowed to put together and up for sale an unlimited number of tours based on their experience and their knowledge.


There is no time limit or production threshold, editors are free to devote as much time as they wish to editing tours. Each individual tour consists of a cover, an itinerary , a number of hot spots, each of which is provided with an audio commentary automatically generated from TourEditor, as well as images, documentaries and videos that editors are free to put together.


Each tour shall consist of at least a 60 minute audio text.

The duration of each audio text for each hot spot is shown on the player at the time of playing the audio text.


Each tour shall be put up for sale at a cost ranging from Euro 3,00 to Euro 7,00 for an unlimited number of times.


Proceeds generated from the sale of the tours, net of PayPal cash-in expenses, shall be jointly earned by editors (2/3) and the portal manager (1/3).


Details on the contract the portal manger and editors will be entering into shall be made available in the document currently being translated.



  • the email shall be used only for registration purposes. The email address shall not be published, nor disclosed to third parties. The email shall be used by editors as login to get access to the portal. Following registration the editor shall receive a message in the email address provided at the time of registration with additional registration instructions.
  • he password is decided upon by the editor and allows access to the portal for the generation of tours.
  • each tour can be signed using a nickname. The nickname will be published together with the tour published on the portal.
  • Name andSurname are required to allow the portal manager and the editor to enter into an agreement and to allow proceeds to be distributed, however they will be kept confidential.
  • The editor’s Skype address is optional.


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TourEditor :: Legenda

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TourEditor :: Note Legali

Tutte le immagini e i video presentati in non sono oggetto di vendita, e pertanto sono liberamente accessibili. Le immagini e i video sono utilizzati esclusivamente a scopo didattico e/o divulgativo. Ogni redattore utilizza esclusivamente immagini e video non coperti da copyright liberamente presenti in internet.

Chiunque ritenesse che in qualsiasi forma fossero stati violati i propri diritti d'autore può scrivere a

In oggetto di vendita è rappresentato dal commento audio contenuto all'interno di ciascun tour. I diritti dei commenti testuali dei tour sono di proprietà di ciascun redattore.

Tranne l'utilizzo personale da parte degli acquirenti dei tour, in nessun altro caso è possibile utilizzare la versione audio dei commenti al di fuori di senza l'autorizzazione scritta di